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Volunteer Jobs

There are a number of ways you can volunteer with BSDCan. This page lists a few.

Just because a description says 'you', doesn't mean *you* do it all by yourself. You'll have help.

If interested, post to the BSDCan Volunteer Mailing List

Hotel Coordinator

  • 2015: Adam Thompson
  • you contact UOttawa Residence & nearest hotels
  • arrange group rates & agree to contracts as necessary
  • update website yourself or provide updated info

Letters of Invitation

  • you get a request for a Letter of Invitation from attendees & speakers
  • you screen out the scammers
  • send the rest a template to complete
  • when you get it backup, you copy/paste, make final adjusts
  • produce a PDF
  • send it back to them
  • keep a copy for our records
  • each one takes about 5-10 minutes

Speaker Travel Coordinator

  • (2014: Jennifer Russell)
  • You collect the speaker travel information (dates, cities)
  • This is used for booking travel and accommodation
  • If we are booking the travel (preferred as it is less work)
  • Create itineraries for travel and confirm it with the speaker based on what they supplied
  • That itinerary is then booked and paid

Speaker Contact Person

  • (2014: Jennifer Russell)
  • You are the primary contact for the speakers
  • You delegate off much of the work (see slide and travel coordinators)
  • For accepted speakers, you make sure we have:
  • biography
  • talk description
  • photo
  • travel requirements
  • accommodation requirements
  • slides

Slide Coordinator

  • You collect the slides from the speaker (PDF, HTML)
  • Upload the slides into our schedule
  • Publish the new schedule (several times during the conference)

Website updater

  • (2014: Brody Dover)
  • refresh the content each year (mostly change the year, date, location)
  • apply updates over the year as new information becomes available

Presentation Coordinators (3 per day)

  • Put out and pick up extensions cords and power strips at the start and end of each day
  • Make sure speakers arrive
  • get speaker slides
  • flag speaker at 10 minutes & 5 minutes before talk ends
  • stop talk at end of time slot
  • we have a U of O tech for A/V support, but learning which cable goes to the laptop & which button controls the microphone would be helpful.

Swag coordinator

  • pick up swag from our shipping office (if you have a car; optional)
  • oversee the registration bag assembly
  • deliver t-shirts and swag to the registration desk (on three days)
  • pack up and stow this gear each night

Registration Desk

  • (2014: Dru Lavigne?)
  • distribute registration bags, badges, & lanyards
  • make sure the desk always has someone there to answer questions
  • posts printed copies of schedule by the doors of rooms we are using

Widows & Orphans Tour

  • We want to encourage attendees to bring their families
  • an organized tour to keep the families gleefully amused during the conference Friday and Saturday would be nice
  • need to find an Ottawa tour guide and get rates
  • an actual widow or orphan might be best for this role, so they could go on the tours
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